A downloadable game for Windows


WASD/ZQSD - Move the camera around the planet

R - Rotate the planet

F - Lock/Unlock the light

Esc - Quit the game


You can modify the generator behavior by using the configuration.json in  <gamefolder>/Assets/Config

The generator is very flexible and there is a hot reload button in game so you can mess around with the values. Feel free to tweet me your planets @abcliveFR

You will also find a game.json file in the same folder that will allow you to change the resolution and the fullscreen mode.

Made with my small custom open source engine Voxa

Install instructions

Run Astrarium.exe to launch the game

You can change resolution and fullscreen mode in Assets/Config/game.json

You can mess with the generator by using the configuration file in Assets/Config/generation.json


Astrarium.zip 2 MB

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